We are a collaborative team of chemists, physicists, materials scientists, and engineers motivated by the challenges of heterogeneous catalysis, plasmonics technologies, and next generation of fuel cells. We cordially welcome students and postdoctoral fellows who are enthusiastic about our research to join our group!



Principal Investigator:


Prof. Jie Zeng
Principal Investigator


HFNL 16-005




Postdoctoral Fellows:


Hongwen Huang(黄宏文)
Ph. D. Materials Science and Engineering
Zhejiang University

Zhigang Geng(耿志刚)
Ph. D. Nanochemistry



Graduate Students:


Sheng Chen(陈胜)
B.S. Physical Chemistry

Munir Ullah Khan(瀚莫尼尔)
M.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences
Gomal University

Wei Sang(桑炜)
B.S. Chemistry
Sichuan University

Lan Zhang(张岚)
B.S. Chemical Engineering
Southeast University

Kan Li(李衎)
B.S. Applied Chemistry
Huazhong Universtiy of Science & Technology

Yuhan Peng(彭钰涵)
B.S. Chemistry
Zhengzhou University

Wenlong Wu(吴文龙)
B.S. Chemistry
Henan Normal University

Hongyang Su(苏虹阳)
B.S. Chemistry
Shandong University

Rong He(何嵘)
B.S. Chemistry

Liangbing Wang(王梁炳)
B.S. Chemistry

Zhicheng Fang(方智成)
B.S. Polymer Materials and Engineering
Hefei University of Technology

Xu Li(李旭)
B.S. Physical Chemistry

Ruijie Huang(黄瑞杰)
B.S. Materias Physics
Fujian Normal University

Tingting Zheng(郑婷婷)
B.S. Chemistry